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Repair Dental Damage With Restorative Dentistry in Boynton Beach

If you have a tooth in danger of extraction, have already lost a tooth, or have damaged teeth, you may feel like your smile is lost. But that’s simply not true! With restorative dentistry from Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA, you can get your smile back to a healthy state.

Dr. Rosenblatt on Restorative Dentistry
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With dentistry today, we can restore somebody's tooth to the same cosmetic appearance and also the strength of their original tooth. If somebody just needs a filling, we can do the composite resin fillings which are white and they're bonded to the tooth, so you can restore a tooth. They're basically invisible because they match the tooth structure, so you're removing the decay and you're filling the tooth and it looks like you didn't even work on it, all the way up to doing crowns. If somebody has a broken tooth or there are large fillings that need to be replaced and you restore the tooth with a crown, we have new materials now that are extremely strong, that can't be broken, and they have the appearance of natural tooth. There's no metal in them, so they look like a tooth. Cosmetically, there’s no difference. You can't see it.

Then you can do implants. With implants, the technology improved where you can—the time is cut down so somebody who is missing a tooth today, we can put an implant in and a month from now, they have their crown on and they have their tooth again; and you're not touching any other tooth. With an implant, you can do almost anything with that. You can do a crown on it, you can do bridges, multiple teeth, attach dentures to it for stability. If you have a loose fitting denture, we can put some implants in there and then the denture could snap in those so you can chew better. Most dentures are loose so if you fix it to an implant, we can snap it in and it's still removable but it's very stable, so you're able to chew well.

Whether you have cavities, cracked teeth, or other dental problems, our restorative dental care will:  

  • Relieve your dental pain
  • Give you the ability to enjoy your favorite foods
  • Allow you to smile with confidence again
  • Improve the overall health of your teeth and gums
  • Stop further dental damage from occurring

To schedule a restorative dental consultation, call our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office at (561) 737-8559. Consultations and second opinions are free for new patients.

Keep Teeth Intact With Restorative Dental Care

It’s always best to preserve your natural tooth structure whenever possible. Fortunately, Dr. Hugh Rosenblatt can perform restorative dental procedures that repair even extreme dental damage like a broken tooth or an infection.  

To keep your teeth intact, you may need:  

  • Dental fillings We use tooth-colored composite, not metal, so you’ll never have dark spots in your smile.
  • Inlays or Onlays– These dental restorations repair cavities that are too large for fillings but not large enough for a crown.
  • Root canals A root canal removes infection from the center of your tooth – and relieves the pain that may have indicated your infection.
  • Dental crowns A crown can repair cracks, breaks, and severe decay.

Restore Your Smile With Many Teeth Replacement Options

If you lose teeth, we offer several options for replacing them. Your choices include:  

  • Dentures, partial or full. We can even provide temporary dentures, so you’re never without your smile while you wait for your final dental restoration.
  • A dental bridge to replace one tooth or multiple missing teeth. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to remove a bridge for cleaning.

For added stability, Dr. Rosenblatt can attach a bridge or dentures to dental implants. Doing so helps avoid the bone loss that can make you look older. He can even replace a single tooth with a dental implant by attaching a crown to the implant. A member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, he has been placing and restoring implants for 20-plus years.

Soothe Your Nerves With Sedation Options

Some restorative dental procedures can be longer and more complex than others. You can choose to receive sedation if you’re nervous about spending an extended amount of time in our chair. Because we know every situation is different, we offer two types:  

  • Inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”), which takes effect quickly and wears off too rapidly.
  • Oral sedative, which is taken before your appointment so you’ll arrive at our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office already relaxed.  

No matter which type of sedation you choose, you’ll be carefully monitored throughout your treatment. To stay even more relaxed, you can also take advantage of amenities like a blanket, a neck pillow, or an eye mask.  

To learn more about our restorative dentistry, call (561) 737-8559. Or use our online form to contact us for an appointment or free consultation.

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