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Maintain a Healthy Smile With General Dentistry in Boynton Beach

You must start with general dentistry to get your dental health to a high level. Dr. Hugh Rosenblatt will help you get and keep a great smile with our many general dental services:

Dr. Rosenblatt on General Dentistry
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General dentistry, basically, with restored—fixing teeth, fixing broken teeth, getting people out of pain, fillings, crowns—we provide all services of general dentistry. First thing we do is diagnose any problems, anything that's going on, anything that needs to be fixed, any decay, any gum disease. I have several hygienists here to clean the teeth, get their gums healthy, because the gums are the foundation so you need to get that healthy. Then, if you need fillings, if there's any decay, we can fill those. If it's too extensive, then you have to do a crown. If they have extensive decay that's in the nerve, that we have to treat so you don't end up losing the tooth.

  • Dental cleanings and dental exams to help keep your smile healthy
  • Sealants to protect your teeth from tooth decay
  • Fluoride treatments and varnish to remineralize and strengthen your teeth
  • Cavity detection with X-rays and DIAGNOdent
  • Athletic mouthguards to protect your teeth during sports activities
  • TMJ mouthguards to protect your mouth from chronic teeth grinding
  • Gum disease treatment to return your gums to health

If you’re interested in general dental care in Boynton Beach, FL, call Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA at (561) 737-8559.

You Need Healthy Gums to Have Healthy Teeth

If your gums bleed after brushing, something is wrong. Either you brush too hard when you clean your teeth or have an issue in your gums. Bleeding gums are a common symptom of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. All advanced gum disease progresses from gingivitis, but gingivitis does not have to progress to gum disease. We use a deep cleaning treatment known as scaling and root planing to get rid of plaque and tartar, halt the damage to your gums, and let the healing begin.

Mouthguards Provide Protection & Correction

We provide two kinds of custom mouthguards in our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office. Athletic mouthguards protect your teeth, lips, and gums during physical activity. We recommend them especially for people with braces because they’ll ensure metal brackets don’t cause injury. 

Mouthguards also protect your teeth from grinding together during the competition. Also, custom mouthguards have been shown to lessen the likelihood of concussion during impact sports like football and wrestling.

You can also get a mouthguard to alleviate symptoms of a TMJ disorder, a condition in which your jaw joint causes pain or discomfort. A custom mouthguard will take the pressure off your joint and give you relief.

Dr. Rosenblatt has more than 20 years of experience in the dental field and has helped keep countless smiles healthy with general dentistry. Let him help your smile, too! Call our Boynton Beach, FL office at (561) 737-8559 to book your visit. Or schedule your appointment using our online form.

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