Is Dental Anxiety Robbing You of Your Smile?

Relieving Dental Anxiety with Sedation Options in Boynton Beach, FL

Fear of the dentist will steal your smile if you let it. Dr. Rosenblatt and his staff can help you get past your dental anxiety and back to smiling freely again with sedation options and more when you visit our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office.

Is dental anxiety common?

Around 24-35 million people suffer from dental anxiety in this country. These people will literally put their health at risk before they step inside the door of a dentist’s office. Tooth decay, infection, and gum disease can ravage their smiles, but unfortunately, the fear they have of getting dental care will keep them from doing anything about it.

What causes dental anxiety?

Most people attribute dental anxiety to a bad (painful) experience at the dental office. Dental pain is a terrible thing to deal with, but pain experienced in the dental chair is almost worse. After all, the dentist is supposed to be the place where you go to find relief. Much of the pain these patients feel is often from outdated techniques or an overly generalized view of how much anesthetic should be used. Dr. Rosenblatt does not generalize when it comes to his patients. He knows that your pain tolerance may not mirror someone else’s. While you are receiving treatment here, just tell us if something doesn’t feel right, and we will make sure you are comfortable before we start the treatment again. You will be taken care of by Dr. Rosenblatt and our team.

How can Dr. Rosenblatt help me get through my dental anxiety?

The first thing he will do is talk to you about how we can help erase your fear. He will listen and may be able to explain why you had a bad experience in the past, and how he does things differently to make your care more comfortable. Sometimes, pain is caused by dental techniques that are no longer in use. Dr. Rosenblatt will also go over the comfort options we can offer you, such as TVs and music in treatment rooms, neck pillow, blankets, and bottled water. He will explain our sedation options as well. Our operatories are even semi-private to help you feel comfortable during your time here.

What sedation options are available at Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA?

Dr. Rosenblatt has laughing gas and oral sedation available to patients who need them. Laughing gas is a mild sedative that is inhaled and acts quickly to take the edge off of your nerves. It will wear off quickly following your procedure and allows you to drive yourself to and from your appointment. Oral sedation is moderate. It will last longer following your procedure and will require you to have a ride home. Both options will allow you to remain conscious but relaxed.

Is the office staff able to help me feel more comfortable?

Our office staff is trained to help you feel at ease during your time here. We are friendly, accommodating, and try to promote a very family-oriented atmosphere. We practice gentle dentistry and will always welcome you with a smile to make your experience relaxed and comfortable. You can feel safe and secure knowing that you are in good hands with the team at Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA.

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For patients with dental anxiety, Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA always provide a friendly and calming environment. Aside from that, there are sedation options that are available here at the office. To learn more about sedation options, read here - Call our Boynton Beach, FL dental office today to schedule your appointment. You can reach us at 561-877-3802 or use our online form at FOLLOW US: Google +: Facebook: Twitter: