Oral Surgery: Rebuilding Your Smile From the Ground Up

Oral Surgical Procedure in Boynton Beach, FL

If you need to have a tooth extracted, suffer from gum recession, or need to build up jawbone mass for dental implant placement, oral surgery may be for you. Dr. Rosenblatt from Boynton Beach, FL will go over the specifics of the procedure that can get you back to smiling freely as soon as possible.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is the most invasive level of care available in dentistry. It is used to correct situations where less aggressive methods of treatment are ineffective. Dr. Rosenblatt will always try to solve your problems with the least invasive method available, but there are some conditions that require surgery. That said, we offer a comfortable office, a highly experienced team, and sedation dentistry to ensure your procedure goes as well as possible. Gum grafts, bone grafts, and teeth extractions are all examples of surgical procedures that are needed in certain cases.

Does Dr. Rosenblatt do tooth extractions?

Dr. Rosenblatt does most tooth extractions in-house. The only extractions he does not do are wisdom teeth. In these situations, Dr. Rosenblatt wants to make sure you are getting the level of care you need, so he will refer you to a trusted specialist we work with.

What is a ridge augmentation?

Sometimes people have a deformity in the bone structure of the upper or lower jaw. This can be from a tooth extraction, an injury, or a development issue. Whatever the case, Dr. Rosenblatt can correct this deformity with a ridge augmentation and restore the look of your face. This is done by grafting bone or inserting bone-like material in the area of the deformity to generate new bone growth.

Why would I need a sinus lift?

If you are lacking the bone structure in your upper jawline to place dental implants, a sinus lift is one way of generating the needed bone mass. We have an oral surgeon in-house who performs this procedure to make sure you receive the care you need. By lifting a portion of your upper jaw into your sinus cavity and filling that area with bone material, we will be able to stimulate bone growth in the area. This will make dental implants a viable option for placement in your upper jaw.

Do gum grafts help fix gum recession?

Gum grafts are one of the most common treatments for gum recession. Your gum recession may be the result of gum disease or a bad habit such as tobacco use. If gum disease caused your gum recession, Dr. Rosenblatt can treat it with scaling and root planing before your gum graft procedure. As far as tobacco use is concerned, Dr. Rosenblatt can help you find the resources you need to quit for good.

How can a bone graft help me?

A bone graft is performed to build up the bone mass in certain areas of your jaw. This is great if you are looking to have dental implants placed but have lost too much bone from missing teeth or wearing dentures. Without a certain amount of bone mass to support the dental implant, you run the risk of your implant failing.

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