Full-Mouth Reconstruction: Get the Use of Your Mouth Back

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Boynton Beach, FL

Does your mouth have too many problems to solve with just one procedure? Have you lost the function of your mouth? Dr. Rosenblatt can help you get the use of your mouth and the look of your smile back with a full-mouth reconstruction from our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office.

What is a full-mouth reconstruction?

If you have several issues with your mouth that are robbing it of its function, a full-mouth restoration may be in order. Dr. Rosenblatt will sit down with you to go over your problems and develop an all-inclusive treatment plan to address them. A full-mouth reconstruction will allow your mouth to work and look the way it should.

What are the different treatments used?

Any restorative dentistry options can be included in a full-mouth reconstruction. Some of the most common options are:

Dental Implants – Restoring your mouth to a working condition starts with making sure all your missing teeth are replaced. Dental implants are able to do just that. The stability they provide is unmatched by any other tooth replacement option.

Dentures – When you need more than a couple teeth replaced, full or partial dentures may be an option for you. We can also provide temporaries to keep your smile intact while you wait for your permanent dentures. We do same-day denture repairs so that you never have to go without a smile. We even offer implant-supported and implant-retained dentures to ensure your dentures will never move around. Dr. Rosenblatt will go over your situation and explain the different denture options to help you determine which one will work well for you.

Crowns – Crowns restore a damaged or decayed tooth to a functional state. They will also help restore the appearance of your tooth.

Bridges – When you need one or more teeth replaced, a dental bridge is a good option. By incorporating dental implants, Dr. Rosenblatt can give you a replacement that will restore your smile and the function of your mouth with unmatched stability.

Veneers – Normally considered a cosmetic offering, veneers have restorative value as well. By stabilizing a cracked tooth and restoring its function, veneers can help give you back the full use of your mouth.

What is the process like?

You will have a consultation with Dr. Rosenblatt to determine if you are a candidate for this level of treatment. If you are a candidate, you and Dr. Rosenblatt will map out your full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan. Your treatment will get underway as quickly as possible, and Dr. Rosenblatt will combine the techniques he can into as few visits as possible to lessen your treatment and recovery time and get your smile back soon.

Should I choose dental implants or dentures for tooth replacements?

Dr. Rosenblatt will go over both options with you. Dental implants give you secure teeth and can even be used with dentures. It will all depend on your situation and what your goals are.

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