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Dental Veneers in Boynton Beach, FL

There are certain cosmetic flaws that teeth whitening and orthodontics just can’t fix. So what are your options? Dental Veneers from Dr. Rosenblatt are a perfect choice to correct many of these issues.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers can cover up almost all cosmetic problems with just one treatment. A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain bonded to the front of a tooth to improve the appearance of your smile. The veneer acts like a fingernail for your tooth, protecting what is underneath while looking great to all who see it. Dr. Rosenblatt will first remove a thin layer of enamel from the tooth receiving a veneer and then take an impression. From that impression, your dental veneer will be made. Once the veneer is completed, he will permanently attach it to the front of your tooth for a flawless appearance. You will be given a temporary veneer first so that your smile looks good throughout the process.

What do Dental Veneers Treat?

Dental veneers in our Boynton Beach, FL office are suitable to treat several conditions:

Chips – A chipped tooth sticks out in your smile and has a negative impact on your appearance. A dental veneer will restore the look of your tooth by covering the chip and perfecting the surface of your tooth.

Cracks – A cracked tooth is not only a danger to the look of your smile but also to the health of your tooth. Once a crack appears, your tooth is weakened and more vulnerable to further damage. A dental veneer can cover the crack and protect the tooth against further damage.

Misshapen Teeth – Sometimes teeth are not shaped perfectly thanks to genetics or just bad luck. Orthodontics can help fix misaligned teeth but can’t really do anything for misshapen teeth. A veneer can be custom made to conceal the shape of your tooth.

Gaps – Do you have a space between two teeth? There’s no need to spend years adjusting your other teeth and impacting your smile with metal braces just to fix this gap. Veneers can quickly and easily close that gap while leaving your other teeth where they are.

What Type of Material Does Dr. Rosenblatt Use for Dental Veneers?

Dr. Rosenblatt uses e.max porcelain for his veneers. This strong material allows him to make thinner veneers, which means less time and sensitivity when preparing your tooth. Our e.max veneers will give you a superior look coupled with great durability and strength.

Call our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office today at 561-877-3802 to schedule your appointment. You can also use our online form to schedule your appointment. Your smile will look better than ever with veneers from Dr. Rosenblatt.

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