Are You Having Dental Pain And Discomfort?

Dealing with dental pain is one surefire way of making someone miserable. You don’t realize how often you use your mouth until there is pain every time you do. Dr. Rosenblatt can help relieve your pain with tooth fillings and root canals at our Boynton Beach, FL office.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

The source of your dental pain can go from seemingly no big deal to a serious problem quickly. If you have sensitive teeth, a change in temperature from your food or drink could cause you a great deal of discomfort or pain. For example, you may take a big bite out of an ice cream cone and end up with immediate pain in your affected tooth and even a splitting headache.

Tooth decay is another issue altogether. If not taken care of quickly, tooth decay can lead to the destruction and loss of your tooth. The decay eats away at your enamel and will move deeper into your tooth if you don’t get it removed. Once it reaches the spongy inside of your tooth, you will be in a very dangerous position. Dr. Rosenblatt can clear out the decay and save your tooth.

Treatment Options

When dealing with tooth decay, there are two treatments we provide that are effective at removing the decay and saving the life of your tooth.

Dental Fillings – Once the decay is removed from your tooth, there is a void that is left. That void needs to be filled so that your tooth retains the structural integrity it needs. Otherwise, you might experience a crack or break while you are biting into and chewing food. Dental fillings from Dr. Rosenblatt are an effective way of filling that void and providing your tooth with the support it needs to do its job.

Root Canal – When decay is not caught soon enough, it will enter the inside part of your tooth where your tooth nerve is housed. This decay can damage the nerve and in some cases kill it. To save your tooth from being extracted and also to treat an infection that may accompany the decay, we can perform root canal therapy to remove the affected nerve and return your tooth to a good, working state. Root canals are not painful like everyone thinks they are, so you don’t need to worry. We use modern equipment and local anesthesia so that you will feel no pain whatsoever. Rest assured that Dr. Rosenblatt will do all he can to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

In some cases, the tooth is too badly decayed, and we must extract it. When this happens, we are pleased to offer dental implants as a natural, permanent restoration for your missing tooth. The dental implant will support a perfectly crafted crown to fill the gap and restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile like normal!

You deserve to live without dental pain. Call our office today at 561-877-3802 to schedule an appointment and start saying goodbye to your pain. Our convenient online form can be used to schedule your appointment as well.

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When patients come in and experiencing dental pain, what we do first is to diagnose and find out where the pain is. We can provide different solutions for dental pain, but the best solution we recommend is root canal, because it removes the nerve of the tooth so that it can be restored with dental crowns. Learn more about the treatment options for dental pain and discomfort here - Call our Boynton Beach, FL dental office today to schedule your appointment. You can reach us at 561-877-3802 or use our online form at FOLLOW US: Google +: Facebook: Twitter: