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Fix Your Smile With Restorative Dental Care in Boynton Beach

If you can’t remember what it’s like to crunch into a juicy apple because dental damage makes chewing painful, let our restorative dental care help you eat in comfort again. Our Boynton Beach, FL dentist can repair your damaged teeth with:

Dr. Rosenblatt on I'm Having a Hard Time Chewing Food
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  • Tooth fillings. Dr. Hugh Rosenblatt uses the SonicFill method for the quickest and most efficient filling placement.
  • Inlays and onlays. These dental restorations work well for decay that is too severe for a filling but not bad enough for a dental crown.
  • Root canals. Dr. Rosenblatt can save an endangered tooth by carefully removing all infected material from the soft center of your tooth.
  • Dental crowns. A crown can repair many kinds of dental damage, including breaks, cracks, and severe decay. Our crowns are made of zirconia, which will last for many years.

If you need restorative dentistry, call Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA at (561) 737-8559.

Regain Your Oral Function With Replacement Teeth

Missing teeth also make it tough for you to enjoy meals. Fortunately, we offer several tooth replacement options, one of which will be right for your smile:

  • Dental bridge, which can replace one missing tooth or several teeth. For added stability, Dr. Rosenblatt can attach a bridge to dental implants.
  • Dental crown. Although this dental restoration is often used to repair a damaged tooth, it can replace a single missing tooth if it’s attached to a dental implant.
  • Dentures, partial or full. To avoid the bone loss that can give your face a “shrunken” look, your dentures can be secured with dental implants.

Stay Comfortable With Sedation & Patient-Friendly Technology

Your restorative dental procedures do not have to be stressful, thanks to the patient-friendly technology we use to plan them. For example, 3D imaging allows Dr. Rosenblatt to identify any potential complications before your treatment begins. And digital X-rays are faster and more comfortable than traditional X-rays.

If you’re feeling any anxiety, you can relieve it with safe dental sedation. You can choose either inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”) or oral sedation.

For more information about restorative dental care in our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office, call (561) 737-8559.

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