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Look & Feel Good With Dental Cleanings in Boynton Beach

Nothing beats the feeling of walking out of our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office with a freshly cleaned smile! Dental cleanings do more than make you feel good, though. They also help keep your teeth in top shape.

Our professional dental cleanings will:

  • Remove bacteria and plaque that cause cavities and other dental damage
  • Make your smile shine by removing surface stains
  • Help keep your gums healthy
  • Reduce your risk of conditions linked to poor oral hygiene, like heart disease

We recommend getting a cleaning and exam twice a year. Because this preventive treatment is so important, most insurance plans cover it. To book your next cleaning, call (561) 737-8559. When you first visit our office, our friendly team will make you feel comfortable by showing you around.

Get Clean Teeth in Comfort

You’ll enjoy your teeth cleanings more when they include a little pampering! Our caring staff will offer TV or music so you can get entertained while your teeth get cleaned. In addition, you may want:

  • Complimentary bottled water
  • A pillow so you won’t strain your neck
  • A blanket if you get chilly in our chair
  • An eye mask to help you relax

Keep Teeth in Top Shape With Fluoride & Other Treatments

Dr. Rosenblatt and our hygienists may suggest changes you can make in your home hygiene to improve your oral health, and overall health too. We’ll discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We may recommend general, restorative, or cosmetic treatments to address them. You’ll be treated as a partner, not just a patient, by our caring staff.

For additional protection against dental decay, you can get:

  • Fluoride treatments that strengthen your tooth enamel and make you less susceptible to cavities
  • Sealants to create a barrier against decay in tough-to-clean areas like your back teeth

To book dental cleanings for your family, call Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA at (561) 737-8559. If you have children, our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office is located near schools, including Congress Middle School and Boynton Beach Community High School.

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