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Rebuild Your Smile With a Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Boynton Beach

If you have several issues with your mouth that is robbing it of its function, you may need a full-mouth reconstruction. Our Boynton Beach, FL dentist can improve your life by:

  • Creating a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Repairing dental damage like breaks and cracks
  • Enhancing your smile’s appearance
  • Restoring full oral function
  • If you’re interested in full-mouth rehabilitation, the first step is a consultation with Dr. Hugh Rosenblatt. Call (561) 737-8559 to schedule one. Consultations are complimentary, excluding any X-rays that may be needed.
  • Dr. Rosenblatt will help you decide which restorative dental treatments will work best for your situation, including your budget. He’ll also develop a plan that combines your treatments into as few visits as possible so you can get your smile back ASAP! And he’ll use cutting-edge 3D imaging to assess your readiness for restorative procedures.

Select From Lots of Full-Mouth Restoration Options

Among the restorative dentistry options that might be included in your full-mouth restoration:  

  • Dental implants– Restoring your oral functionality starts with replacing all your missing teeth. Dental implants do just that, with stability unmatched by any other tooth-replacement option. Dr. Rosenblatt can even secure full arches of replacement teeth with as few as four dental implants in a procedure called All-on-4®.
  • Dentures–If you need more than a few teeth replaced, full or partial dentures may be an option for you. We can also provide temporaries to keep your smile intact while you wait for your final set of teeth. For added stability, we can attach dentures to dental implants.
  • Crowns– Crowns return damaged or decayed teeth to a functional state. They also restore your teeth’s appearance.
  • Bridges– Dr. Rosenblatt can replace one tooth or several teeth with a dental bridge. Incorporating dental implants will restore your smile with incredible reliability.
  • Dental veneers– Normally, a cosmetic treatment, veneers have restorative value as well. By stabilizing a cracked tooth and restoring its function, veneers can help you regain the full use of your mouth.

Ready to discuss a full-mouth reconstruction? Call (561) 737-8559.

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