Would You Like Implants To Go With Your Dentures? [quiz]

May 11, 2017

Dental Implants | Boynton Beach, FL | Hugh B. Rosenblatt

It’s a big decision. When you’ve lost your teeth, how will you replace them?
You could get dentures, which may have been the only option for previous generations of your family. Or, you could take advantage of what modern dentistry has to offer.
You could get dental implant-supported dentures from Dr. Hugh B. Rosenblatt’s office. Dental implants offer more security than plain dentures, and implants make it possible for you to keep eating all the foods that you love.
If you aren’t sure if implants are right for you, answer a few questions below. Then call our dentist office in Boynton Beach, FL, at (561) 877-3802 or contact us online to request a consultation.

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