TMJ Dentist Boynton Beach FL | Misconceptions About TMJ Disorders You’ll Need to Stop Believing

July 15, 2019

Who is the best TMJ dentist Boynton Beach FL?

Did you know that without your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), it would be impossible for you to speak and chew your food? This unique part of your body functions as a hinge to open and close your mouth and to slide it forward, backward, and side to side. When this versatility leads to jaw pain as well as other symptoms, it’s highly possible that a TMJ disorder has already set in. While most people assume that all TMJ disorders are cut and dry, they’re not. Here’s a quick look at what your TMJ dentist Boynton Beach FL will tell you about this problem.

All TMJ Disorders are Similar

TMJ disorders happen to be variable conditions with various causes, symptoms, and treatments that are anything but the same. Different TMJ treatments have to be tried in order to find out what works best for a particular patient. A specific treatment that may be effective for others may not be the best one for you.

When Your Jaw Stops Popping, You’re Cured

When your jaw clicks and pops, this means that the cushioning disc in your TMJ is displaced. When the noise stops, it doesn’t mean that your TMJ is getting better. It only means that your jaw disc is not slipping back into its place in your joint. This can cause locking of your jaw or additional damage to the bones in your joint.

Surgery is Your Best Option

Unfortunately, many people believe that the only way to treat TMD is with surgery. In fact, unless a patient was born with a jaw defect that needs to be corrected, surgery should always be the last treatment option.

Where is the best dental clinic Boynton beach fl?

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