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When you think about it, teeth help us in a number of ways.

Their most obvious uses are biting and chewing food, but that’s just the start of what they do. Teeth affect how you pronounce words and how comfortable you feel about smiling. In a real way, your teeth can affect your self-confidence.

So what if you are missing several teeth or all your teeth? Eating is certainly more difficult. You may have trouble saying what you want to say, and you might be embarrassed about your smile.

The good news is that you can get back everything you’ve lost with the help of Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, and our full-mouth reconstruction . Dr. Rosenblatt understands how important healthy, natural-looking teeth can be in your everyday life. It’s why he completed the training needed to help patients in and around Boynton Beach, FL rebuild their smiles.

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Life-Changing Dentistry

The full-mouth reconstruction we offer at our practice is possible because of dental implants .

Modern root-form implants were developed in the 1960s. Many people were skeptical that replacements for the roots of lost teeth could be helpful.

But decades of research and documented cases have proven that implants can be truly life-changing.

With dental implants to support a dental bridge or a full set of dentures, your teeth replacements can function practically as well as real teeth.

Let’s compare implant-supported dentures to traditional dentures, which rest outside your gums and make require adhesives to hold them in place (temporarily).

Researchers have conducted multiple studies on the bite forces of people with all their teeth and different teeth replacements. At best, someone with traditional dentures only gets back about 20 percent of his or her biting power.

In contrast, many people with implants regain 80 percent of their biting power within a few months of their procedure. Long term, many people restore 90 percent and more of their bite force.

When you have implants, you can eat all the foods that you enjoyed before you lost your teeth.

Stable & Secure Smiles

If you know that you can’t bite into an apple or corn on the cob without losing your teeth, you’ll also know that you can trust your teeth to stay in while you are talking.

With implants, you won’t need to use gooey adhesives just to hold your teeth in place. You will feel like your dentures are as secure as a set of healthy teeth, and that can help you feel more relaxed in personal and professional settings.

When you aren’t worrying about your teeth sliding out of your mouth, you might be surprised by how much more relaxed you feel in everyday situations.

Feel Like Yourself Again

Dr. Rosenblatt and the rest of our team have seen the physical and emotional effects lost teeth can have on someone. At the same time, we’ve gotten to see how uplifting full-mouth reconstruction can be for patients at our Boynton Beach, FL dental office.

If you are tired of wondering when your teeth will come loose again, then it’s time to contact us for an appointment. Fill out our online form today or call us at 561-877-3802.

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