Interesting Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

September 27, 2019

What is Invisalign Boynton Beach FL?

Do you have chipped, broken, cracked, or missing teeth? If your smile makes you sad, you might need to see a Boynton Beach cosmetic dentist. There’s more to cosmetic dentistry than you know. Check out these interesting facts about this field:

Cosmetic Dentistry Has Been Around for Thousands of Years

If you think that the idea of improving the appearance of one’s teeth is an invention of the modern age, think again. The Etruscans who lived about 700 years ago used ivory and bone to create dentures that replace missing teeth. These people also used gold for fillings and crowns.

Cosmetic Dentists Will Cause Damage to Your Teeth

A cosmetic dentist is trained to perform restorative dental procedures without damaging your teeth. If they feel that a specific procedure will cause you more harm than good, they will refuse to perform it.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Not Expensive

Patients need to check if their dental insurance covers their cosmetic dental procedure. Keep in mind that getting cosmetic work done now will help prevent the occurrence of dental and oral issues that may need costly treatment later on down the road.

Not All Dentists Can Perform Cosmetic Dental Procedures

To become a full-fledged cosmetic dentist, additional training on performing cosmetic dental procedures must be completed. Aside from this, continuing education courses must be taken to keep up with the latest technology.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures are Not Limited to Enhancing the Look of Your Teeth

Did you know that aside from improving your teeth’s appearance, a cosmetic dentist can also correct minor malocclusions and repair damaged teeth as well? For instance, dental bonding treatments can protect teeth that are overly sensitive as much as it protects chipped or cracked teeth.

The Best Boynton Beach Cosmetic Dentist

If you need to see a Boynton Beach cosmetic dentist, schedule an appointment with the best – Dr. Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA. Call now.

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