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What do you do when you lose your teeth? Are you supposed to go the rest of your life without a white smile? What if you cannot afford dental implants? What are your tooth replacement options? Dr. Rosenblatt from Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA can help. Dentures are one of the most trusted tooth replacement options available. They can give you back the smile you lost and the function of a full row of teeth. You can have your smile back now and for less money than what it costs to get dental implants.
What are Dentures?
When you lose some or all of your teeth, you are going to become familiar with dentures in a hurry. Dentures are one of the more common teeth replacement options available. They are a set of replacement teeth that are mounted on a polymer base that will look like your gums. The denture will sit inside your mouth and act like your real teeth, allowing you to talk, eat, and smile. We use the top materials in the industry to help make sure that your denture solution looks and acts like real teeth.
To create your custom dentures, Dr. Rosenblatt will take impressions of your mouth at our Boynton Beach, FL office. He will also measure your jaw so that the denture can be custom-made to fit your dental arch. This is important, as you want a secure fit for your dentures. It normally takes about a week or two to get the denture made, and you will come back to the office to make sure that everything fits correctly. Your new dentures will take a little bit of time to get used to. This is normal, and before you know it, you will be living your life without any kind of thought at all to the denture inside your mouth.   
What Kind of Dentures Do You Offer?
Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA offers two types of dentures.
Full Dentures – A full denture restoration will replace all of the teeth in your upper or lower arch (jaw). After taking measurements of your jaw and making impressions, Dr. Rosenblatt will work up a wax model. This model will be used to evaluate the look, fit, and feel of the denture. Once that has been confirmed, the final denture will be cast. The whole process takes anywhere between two to three months to go from tooth removal to full denture placement. During the in between part of this process, Dr. Rosenblatt can provide you with a temporary denture. This denture is not going to fit as snugly as your permanent restoration will and should only be considered a stopgap measure to provide you with teeth while you wait for your final denture.
Partial Dentures – Those who don’t need a full arch of teeth, but rather only about three or more are better suited for a partial denture. Partial dentures not only provide a way for you to fill your smile after the loss of teeth, but they also help to keep your remaining teeth from moving out of place. The process to make this type of denture restoration mirrors the process for the full denture. Dr. Rosenblatt will need to take the measurements and impressions to make sure that the partial denture is able to fit seamlessly into your smile.  
Same-Day Denture Repair
After spending three months waiting for your new permanent denture restoration, the last thing you want to hear is that you have to go days or weeks without your teeth if you need a repair. At Hugh B. Rosenblatt, DMD, PA, we offer same-day denture repair services to make sure that your smile is never without teeth. Dr. Rosenblatt will help you in any way he can to make sure your repair is done as quickly as possible.
Benefits Of Dentures

  • Appearance – Going from an empty smile to a smile full of new teeth is going to do wonders for your appearance. You will be able to flash your new smile whenever the mood strikes.
  • Confidence – Having a full smile will do wonders for your confidence. No more second-guessing how people will react to your smile. You smile is sure to gain more praise than ever before.

If you are worried about the stability of dentures, there is another option. Dental implants can give you superior stability and can even be included in your denture solution.
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