Common Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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For those who lived thousands of years ago, wisdom teeth were essential tools that help them digest their food properly. About 50 years ago, before modern dentistry came to be, the lack of excellent dental hygiene maintenance led to extensive tooth loss for most people. When these third molars emerged, there was more than enough room to welcome them in the back of the mouth. However, since advanced dental technology has caused people to keep more of their teeth than before, the once-important wisdom tooth has turned into a problem – especially if they’re impacted. If you have one, a trip down to the dental clinic Boynton Beach FL will solve your problem.

The Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Most people get four wisdom teeth with two on the top and two on the bottom. When there’s not enough room for it, a wisdom tooth grows at an awkward angle and they become impacted. When you regularly visit the dental clinic, the growth of your wisdom teeth will be monitored by your dentist.

If a problem is detected, it will have to be removed. Otherwise, it will cause damage to your other teeth as it crashes into their roots and causes structural problems. When this happens, you’ll experience pain, swelling, and a stiff jaw. If left untreated as it breaks through your gum line, bacteria will seep through the opening and set the stage for a gum infection.

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