Change Your Smile With Invisalign ‘Clear Braces’ (video)

December 6, 2017

Smile Makeover || Boynton Beach, FL Dentist - Dr. Hugh B. RosenblattDid you know that 1 in 5 orthodontic patients in the U.S. is an adult? A big part of the reason why is the development of so-called invisible or clear braces, such as Invisalign®.
This system uses a series of transparent plastic aligners to push your teeth into new positions — no wires and no brackets needed. At our Boynton Beach, FL dentist office, we’ve helped many adults create the smiles of their dreams with this system.
Many working adults have told us that the thought of wearing metal braces discouraged them from orthodontic care for years. With Invisalign, they had a discreet but effective way to change their smiles.
You can learn more about this system by watching this short video by the American Dental Association.
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